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Ascor Chimici was founded in 1969 by Arnaldo Valentini. The firm was dedicated from the beginning to animal health and production, with a philosophy based on providing total assistance to the different customers (feed compounders, dealers and farmers). This approach soon led Ascor Chimici to expand its animal production sector, thus assuming a key role in the agro-food industry. Its ability consists in harmonizing technological, legislative and ethical elements, accordingly with the modern conception of feed business “from feed to table”.

Its technical staff’s skills allow Ascor Chimici to deal with the world of modern animal science with determination and proficiency, making its catalogue one of the most complete and varied in the world of animal production and health: from medicated premixes to liquid soluble antibiotics, vitamin-mineral feed supplements to liquid nutritional supplements, from probiotics to products using avant-garde technology such as gastric or rumen protection, or granulation on vegetable carriers.

Such a flexible range of products and services brought the professionalism of Ascor Chimici to many European countries, almost all of Asia, North Africa, Mexico and North America too.


The quality method adopted by Ascor Chimici is the basic rule for all company activities, from the design and manufacture of products to business activities and customer care, thus creating a system able to guarantee the best products and highest customer satisfaction.

The quality method procedure has always been applied in full compliance with the regulatory prerequisites: the manufacturing department is authorized to manufacture veterinary medicine in respect of GMP and EU rules. Separate departments at Ascor Chimici are specialized in the production of premixes, supplementary feeds and other non-medicated products; quality method is duly complied with for manufacturing all the products.
Quality controls are carried out daily as per law requirements and involve not only the pharmacologically active principles, but also any unwanted substances such as dioxin and mycotoxins.

This same philosophy is the basis of the firm’s relations with its customers, always aiming for utmost Customer Satisfaction. This is why Ascor Chimici developed Ascor Nutrition and Ascor Health, to provide informed professional support for all customer requirements, both in nutritional and health advice.


Ascor Chimici maintains its tradition for reliability and ability to update its products, by tailoring them to specific, increasingly varied market requirements and attributing a fair value to its work and experience.

Dedication to research and innovation is one of the cornerstones of Ascor Chimici, which through the years has increased its development of avant-garde products: the range of microencapsulated drugs called Coated Line dates back to 1985, and its present evolution includes vitamins, organic acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega 3 series, naturally pigmented products, and so on.

From the nineties, this line was expanded with rumen by-pass products, protected from rumen degradation and from decay in feed, among which methionine, choline and lysine are worth mentioning. Using specific technology, microencapsulation was successfully applied, increasing the stability of products used in therapy, such as several antibiotics sensitive to humidity, light or acid pH values.
The Granul Line range of granulated products was recently developed.
In a few years, Ascor Chimici has assumed a leading role in this very beneficial technology, such as the reduction of active powders, increase in flow, mixability, dosing capacity, and several applications for medicated premixes, trace elements and anti-coccidiosis drugs.
Ascor Chimici remains faithful to its coherence and values even when trading as a dealer of products manufactured by other firms, selecting the most suitable product at the best price for its customers, as if it were one of its own “manufactured products”.


• Medicated micro-granulated premixes
• Veterinary medicines (liquid and water soluble powders)
• Vitamin and mineral complementary feeds
• Nutritional supplements
• Microencapsulated ingredients (synthetic and natural vitamins, PUFA, propylene glycol)
• Microencapsulated organic acids
• Micro-granulated coccidiostats and trace minerals
• Rumen protected choline, methionine, lysine and vitamins (Rumen by-pass line)
• Yeasts and yeast-based products
• Chelated trace minerals
• “Custom-tailored” complementary feeds
• Disinfectants
• Flavours


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